HPLC Tubing Straightener and Pliers Labmate Online

Precision Pliers For 1/16 or 1/8" Stainless Steel HPLC Tubing.

These pliers from MicroSolv Technology Corporation can ensure you have good internal flow path in your HPLC tubing to avoid band broadening and other flow issues. Including soft grips and two centre holes where one hole is slightly larger than 1/16” and the other is slightly larger than 1/8”. This tool for chromatography is designed to remove kinks and bends in stainless steel tubing or for making seamless bends when you squeeze the pliers. This will help to insure you have a good internal flow path in your HPLC stainless steel tubing and no void problems due to bent or kinked tubing. Column Chromatography Equipment

HPLC Tubing Straightener and Pliers Labmate Online

The Beta Tool-2™ features a shorter and rounded nose than most precision pliers and it can reach further into an HPLC Instrument to work with tubing that is already installed. You can now enhance your data with improved flow.

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HPLC Tubing Straightener and Pliers Labmate Online

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