Selong State High School 2 Student Becomes the Initiator of the Monster Digital TV Antenna in the AHM Best Student 2023 Event |

Mataram (Suara NTB) – The difficulty for people in lowland areas to get Digital TV signals, due to geographical conditions, being blocked by buildings and trees, and the distance and location of the transmitter being quite far, was the beginning of the birth of an idea initiated by two students from SMAN 2 Selong, East Lombok.

Cahaya Rizkika Imanda and Ratna Ayu Pramesti created this creative idea to share ideas with hundreds of AHM Best Student 2023 participants. This prestigious event is regularly held by PT.Astra Honda Motor (AHM) as a form of appreciation for the talented young generation in Indonesia. Antenna Digital Tv

Selong State High School 2 Student Becomes the Initiator of the Monster Digital TV Antenna in the AHM Best Student 2023 Event |

Entering its 20th year of implementation, carrying the spirit of the tagline 'Gen Z is Strong, Indonesia is Great', this event has produced 1,284 people, a total of 2003-2022 alumni.This prestigious event will select the best works that are in line with the 17 SDG indicators as a form of contribution to the development of superior human resources.

A total of 742 entries from 390 schools in 27 provinces participated in this competition.Selection was carried out in stages at the provincial level until finally the 20 best student works were selected who could take part in the Grand Final stage on October 31 2023.

Adm.Fin Manager Astra Motor NTB Ivan Pratama, the implementation of AHM Best Student has become a prestigious event for multi-talented high school students throughout the country to compete for ideas and offer solutions for sustainable development.

Various ideas and inventions are born from the younger generation for the benefit of society and the environment.One of these creative ideas came from representatives of SMAN 2 Selong who became one of the 20 best student works to represent Astra Motor NTB as Main Honda Motorcycle Dealer in NTB Province.

“The Monster V2 antenna succeeded in capturing small signals that were outside the signal transmission frequency with good quality."Also, the antenna manufacturing and design process is easy, cheap and efficient for ordinary people or digital TV technicians to make," explained Ivan.

AHM Best Student 2023 divides the idea competition event for high school level children into two categories, namely ideas and inventions or findings.This year, AHM carries the theme Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) or sustainable development goals.Based on the 3 main pillars of AHM Best Student, namely Care, Creative, and Confident, selection is carried out not only on the work submitted but also on students' activeness in social activities, soft skills and non-academic competencies.

With capital for making the Monster V2 Antenna worth Rp. 107,350, the benefits of this product greatly complement information and communication facilities, especially for people in remote or rural areas.And with good use, of course this product is able to improve the video and audio quality of Digital TV.

Selong State High School 2 Student Becomes the Initiator of the Monster Digital TV Antenna in the AHM Best Student 2023 Event |

Gsm Signal Booster Apart from competing in terms of their ability to produce the best work in the series of final selection activities, the participants were also invited to see first hand the Honda motorbike production process at the AHM factory.The finalists also received soft skills and a strong mentality from Paralympic athlete inspiration M. Fadly, as well as an inspirational discussion with AHM Executive Vice President Director Thomas Wijaya.Apart from that, participants had the opportunity to receive traffic safety education with a Honda Riding Trainer (HRT) taught directly by an Astra Honda License Instructor at the AHM Safety Riding & Training Center (SRTC), Deltamas, Bekasi.(bull)