The 6 Best Outdoor Furniture Covers Of 2024, Tested By Southern Living

We spent weeks testing outdoor furniture covers to find the most durable options out there.

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The 6 Best Outdoor Furniture Covers Of 2024, Tested By Southern Living

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Setting up a patio or deck with comfortable outdoor furniture is sure to make you want to spend more time in your outdoor space. But what about when your outdoor furniture is not in use? Taking steps to protect it is key.

“Covering it will go a long way in preserving the longevity of your furniture if you don’t use it daily,” says design expert Chrissy Serrano. “Humidity, sunlight, pollen, and daily debris add up quickly outdoors.” With so many options when it comes to sizes and materials, finding the right fit can be tricky.

To help you select the best investment to protect your patio space, we put 15 different furniture cover options through a series of tests. We looked at how well the cover protected furniture, how well the cover stays in place, its interaction with water, fading after sun exposure, and more. The top picks were heavy duty, high quality, kept out moisture, and had strong fasteners to keep the covers in place. 

The chair cover is secure, sturdy, and easy to take off and put back on.

Its color may fade over time.

Outdoor furniture covers can seem clunky or bulky, especially if you’re putting them over chairs. At 1.5 pounds, we found this patio chair cover to be surprisingly easy to put on and take off. The fit was somewhat roomy, but it could be adjusted using the buckles at the base of each leg and elastic cords to make it more secure.

The chair cover is made from sturdy, waterproof polyester, with a multi-layer design to help with breathability for the prevention of mold or mildew forming. The cover is not UV resistant, but it is UV stabilized, which means it has been treated for long-term sun protection.

Size: 6 sizes, ranging from 29 x 36 x 30 inches to 40 x 36 x 40 inches | Material: Polyester | Waterproof: Yes

Sold individually and as a set of two, these waterproof covers come at an approachable price point.

They are not designed to cover chair legs.

Protecting your outdoor furniture with a cover will help to extend the life of your chairs, sofa, or table and save you from having to spend money on a new set in the future. If you’re looking for a great way to protect your patio chairs on a budget, these chairs—sold individually or as a set—will do the trick. They are constructed with padded handles to be able to easily slide the covers on and off. Built from thick polyester, they’re also waterproof, UV stabilized, and have straps on each leg for a secure fit.

While the fabric is already breathable, each chair cover is designed with air vents for better ventilation. We didn’t notice any condensation build up inside, even after wind, rain, and sun, nor was there any fading or wear. Do note that they will leave chair legs exposed, so keep this in mind if your chairs have wooden legs.

Sizes: 3 sizes, ranging from 37 x 30 x 30 inches to 35 x 31 x 38 inches | Material: Polyester | Waterproof: Yes

These large, heavy-duty storage bags with handles protect patio cushions when not in use.

Because it’s water resistant and not waterproof, this bag is best kept in a covered area.

While protecting your outdoor furniture with a cover is important, outdoor cushions should be stowed away and protected in a storage bag. This storage bag comes in three different sizes to find the best fit. We were surprised by just how much space there was to store multiple cushions with plenty of room left over. The padded handles also made it easy to move once filled. The bag is made from sturdy polyester, which is water resistant (but not waterproof). Because of its material, this cover is best stored in a covered space or in a garage, basement, or storage shed. The base is thicker, which provides additional protection if it’s being stored on the ground.

Sizes: 3 sizes, ranging from 45.5 x 20 x 13.8 inches to 60 x 28 x 20 inches | Material: Polyester | Waterproof: Water resistant only

Heavy-duty fabric and adjustable straps make for a sturdy and snug cover.

It’s difficult to fold and put away when not in use.

To protect a big outdoor dining table and chair set, you’ll need a large cover. This rectangular cover is designed to fit over either an oval or rectangle table. Made from polyester, it’s waterproof and designed with sealing tape for secure, well-made seams. We found that the fabric felt quite thick and strong.

It was simple to put this cover on and use the straps and adjustable cords to secure it. During our testing, it kept outdoor furniture covered during rain, wind, and sunshine and didn’t show any signs of moving or fading with no condensation underneath. Given its size, we did find that it’s not very simple to fold up and store away when not in use.

Sizes: 96 x 32 x 70 inches or 140 x 32 x 80 inches | Material: Polyester | Waterproof: Yes

The material is heavy duty and the cover is designed with clasps and adjustable ties to snugly secure it in place.

It is not designed to cover sofa legs.

Patio sofas are some of the most vulnerable pieces of outdoor furniture because of their large shape and soft material. This sofa cover comes in six different sizes and three colors so you can find the best fit for your furniture. It is made from heavy-duty polyester, making it durable to last through all weather conditions. The material is waterproof, dustproof, and UV resistant and put together with strong stitching.

We found that even during rain and wind, the cover stayed in place and it kept the furniture dry. Because it has handles on each end, this sofa cover is easy to put on and pull off, with clasps at each corner for fastening. Two extra ties on either end make it possible to tighten the bottom. However, it is not meant for covering sofa legs, so it may not be the ideal choice for patio furniture with wooden legs. 

Size: 6 sizes, ranging from 60 x 35 x 35 inches to 104 x 35 x 40 inches | Material: Polyester | Waterproof: Yes

You get a heavy-duty, waterproof cover for a great value.

It’s not machine washable.

Protect the outdoor table where you enjoy many al fresco meals. This furniture cover is meant for rectangular or square tables and comes in 12 different sizes. It is made from waterproof polyester canvas with a double-stitched seam for long-lasting durability. When we first put the cover on, it was a bit loose but was easily adjusted for a tight fit at each corner thanks to strong buckle straps and adjustable drawcords. There are also two air vents to help with breathability.  

We tested this table cover during a lot of rain, as well as falling leaves and debris from trees above, but didn’t have any issues thanks to its waterproof exterior and clever design. It also comes with a three-year warranty.

Size: 12 sizes, ranging from 54 x 54 inches to 136 x 74 inches | Material: Polyester | Waterproof: Yes

Our top picks for the best outdoor furniture covers are based on needed sizes and shapes. To protect patio chairs, our top pick is the Duck Covers Waterproof Patio Chair Cover because of its lightweight yet durable, waterproof material making it easy to slide on and off. The Vailge Patio Sofa Cover is our top pick for protecting an outdoor sofa because of its snug fit and waterproof and dustproof exterior.

To find the best outdoor furniture covers, we tested 15 different options across a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. All pieces were tested in our own outdoor spaces over a two-week period. Once furniture covers arrived, we took note of the material and its thickness, along with the quality of the cover’s seams, stitching, and any buckles, clips, ties, or other fasteners. We used the outdoor furniture covers on patio furniture including sofas, chairs, and tables, assessing how well the cover protected the furniture once the testing period was up. We also cleaned the furniture covers according to the manufacturer's instructions. We will continue testing the top-performing covers and update this piece as we have fresh insights.

Finding the right size and shape of covers for your furniture is key for proper protection. Serrano says it’s important to take the time to get the exact measurements of your pieces to ensure that the one-size-fits-all sizing is the closest fit. “Covers that are too large will allow water and dirt to make its way inside and create a pocket where it’s trapped. Smaller covers will of course leave pieces of your furniture exposed to the elements,” she says. “The correct size will just kiss the ground or sit right above it to allow furniture to ‘breathe’ and provide air circulation.”

Outdoor furniture covers should be made from materials that are durable and meant for long-lasting use. The best options are constructed from polyester, which is strong and isn’t easily susceptible to heat or discoloration. Serrano also notes it’s important to look for UV-resistant and waterproof materials.

Choosing a cover that is waterproof is key to protecting your furniture as well. A waterproof, breathable cover will prevent moisture from making its way under the cover. This will help to keep the furniture free of mildew or mold which can form due to trapped condensation.

Outdoor furniture covers shouldn’t require much care. After all, it’s their job to protect your furniture. Eventually, a cover may collect dirt or dust so it’s important to be able to easily clean it, whether by hosing it off or tossing it in the washing machine.

The best furniture covers should be able to withstand a variety of weather conditions including wind, rain, snow, and plenty of sunshine. It should be made from a durable material with sturdy fasteners to keep it in place.

Article Hofte Lounger Cover: To cover and protect a very large piece of patio furniture, this lounger cover will do the trick. The waterproof fabric is thick, but throughout our testing, we didn’t find it too stiff or bulky. The cover was a bit loose at first but could be adjusted thanks to the built-in zippers and drawstrings. It is also constructed with ventilation holes to avoid condensation build-up. It fell just short of our list because of its price point—our top picks feel similar in quality but come with a much lower price tag.

Ultcover Waterproof Outdoor Sofa Cover: This sofa cover is another great option that comes in 11 different sizes and six colors to find the best fit for your outdoor space. It has two handles to make it easy to put on and is made from waterproof polyester canvas for strength and durability. Two air vents prevent moisture from building up, while a UV-resistant exterior prevents fading due to sun exposure.

According to Serrano, it’s not necessary to cover every piece of outdoor furniture every night. This is especially true during warmer months. However, the longer your furniture is protected under a cover, the longer it will last. It is important to cover outdoor furniture every night in winter to prevent damage.

Outdoor furniture covers will allow you to leave your patio furniture outside during all seasons and all types of weather. If you plan to leave your furniture outside in winter, be sure to choose a cover that is breathable and waterproof to avoid any issues with mildew or mold.

The price of outdoor furniture covers varies greatly and pricing is generally based on size, shape, and material. Chair covers range in price from $22 to $40, while sofa covers range in price from $45 to $80. Larger pieces will need larger covers, which come at a higher price.

This guide was written by Molly Allen, a commerce writer for Southern Living with expertise focused on outdoor cooking and outdoor spaces. We tested 15 outdoor furniture covers, evaluating them on material, size, ability to remain water resistant, and how well they protected furniture throughout the testing period. We also consulted North Carolina design expert Chrissy Serrano to gain insight on why outdoor furniture covers are necessary and what to look for to find the best fit.

The 6 Best Outdoor Furniture Covers Of 2024, Tested By Southern Living

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