Laser Automation To Present Battery Welding Machine Technologies At IMTEX Forming 2024

Laser Automation, one of the leading providers of laser solutions, is gearing up to showcase its Battery Welding Machine technologies at the IMTEX Forming Exhibition 2024. Organized by the Indian Machine Tools Manufacturers Association (IMTMA), this event is scheduled to take place at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) from January 19 to 23, 2024, providing a platform for global players in manufacturing technology to converge.

IMTEX Forming 2024, known as the International Machine Tool and Manufacturing Technology Exhibition, will feature a comprehensive display of metal forming machine tools, presenting a diverse range of technological innovations in manufacturing. Among the key exhibitors at the event is Laser Automation. Laser Printing

Laser Automation To Present Battery Welding Machine Technologies At IMTEX Forming 2024

Established by Sudhir Kulkarni in 2009, Laser Automation Pvt Ltd focuses on developing Indigenous Dot Pin Marking machines, state-of-the-art LASER marking machines, and laser applications for industries such as automotive and allied engineering. The company has expanded its offerings to include customized industrial solutions, such as Special Purpose Machines (SPM) for profile tube cutting, Laser welding, Laser Hardening, and Laser Cladding, utilizing appropriate laser technology.

Laser Automation offers a diverse range of key solutions, encompassing Laser Marking, Profile Tube Cutting, Laser Welding, Laser Hardening, and Laser Cladding. The company specializes in providing a Laser Welding Machine designed for Lithium ION Battery Packs, along with services such as Dot Peen Marking, Traceability Software Solutions, and Special Purpose Machines (SPM) tailored for laser applications. This comprehensive suite of offerings addresses the varied needs of industries, promoting efficiency and innovation in manufacturing processes.

Laser Automation will be primarily exhibiting its Battery Welding Machine technologies at the IMTEX Forming Exhibition 2024. The company explains the importance of batteries by, first, focusing on the surging demand for batteries in the burgeoning electric vehicle (EV) industry as it has become a prominent trend. EV applications necessitate high energy, compelling the stacking of multiple batteries within a module. These batteries are assembled in a module and connected to a copper or aluminum plate, known as a busbar, through the utilization of laser technology.

As stated by Laser Automation, battery welding necessitates careful consideration for optimal performance. The weld joint, linking the battery terminal to the busbar, must exhibit ample strength to withstand impacts and loads effectively. Precise weld penetration is paramount for proper functionality.

Insufficient penetration may jeopardize weld strength, risking busbar detachment, while excessive penetration beyond terminals could trigger violent reactions with the cell’s inner chemicals, posing hazards. Additionally, the welding process must uphold the conductivity of current at the contact point, ensuring uninterrupted electrical flow.

The Battery Welding Machine incorporates fiber laser technology with power options of 200W or 300W, providing efficient performance. Featuring a CNC gantry with 3-axis capability, the machine offers a scan area of 150*150, ensuring versatility in its applications. It is designed to weld materials such as Cu, Al, SS, Ni, and Ni-coated steel.

It accommodates a thicknesses for terminals ranging from 0.2mm to 0.4mm and busbars from 0.2mm to 0.4mm. Ensuring safety, the machine includes a protective enclosure with a light curtain. The customized solutions offered are tailored to the specific requirements of the application, enhancing the machine’s adaptability and effectiveness in battery welding processes.

Laser technology offers significant advantages in battery welding. The precision of laser welding allows for accurate control over the process, ensuring the required penetration is achieved with exactness. The maintenance of a controlled temperature range results in minimal Heat Affected Zone (HAZ). Additionally, the highly focused laser beam facilitates the welding of small areas with ease, contributing to the efficiency and precision of the battery welding process.

Laser Automation’s participation in IMTEX 2024 is driven by the objective of promoting their business as an SPM manufacturer for applications like Laser Welding, Laser Hardening, and Laser Cladding. In addition to the battery welding machine technologies, Laser Automation will also introduce the new Fast Component Welding Optics (FCW) by Scansonic during the exhibition. Mr. Michael Nagel from Scansonic GmbH will be present as the expert from Laser Automation at the event.

As IMTEX 2024 unfolds, Laser Automation is poised to engage with industry professionals, fostering valuable business relationships, generating leads, and sharing expertise. Positioned at Hall no. 4, Booth no. A101 in B.I.E.C., Bengaluru, Laser Automation invites visitors to experience its innovative technologies and explore the transformative impact the company can make on their businesses.

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Laser Automation, one of the leading providers of laser solutions, is gearing up to showcase its Battery Welding Machine technologies...

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Laser Automation To Present Battery Welding Machine Technologies At IMTEX Forming 2024

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