Lansing couple creates unique side hustle with Baby Head Planters

LANSING, Mich. — A Lansing couple has a side hustle that you don't hear about too often. They take the heads of used baby dolls to help them make unique planters.

"We get used baby dolls. And we make molds of them and fill those with cement. And we paint them and we send them out into the world to be adopted," said co-owner Laurel Vinton. Silicone Cake Mold

Lansing couple creates unique side hustle with Baby Head Planters

Vinton says she found the idea about five years ago.

"I was just going down this Pinterest rabbit hole with mold making and baby doll art and things that could go outside in your garden. And I just kind of combined all of these things together to be this Baby Head Planters," Vinton said. "Five years later, and I've got an entire porch covered in them."

She shares the side hustle with her husband and kids. It's a family activity that's relaxing for them.

"We've been able to do it out here on our front porch. And we have gotten to know so many of our neighbors, and so much of our community," Vinton said.

It's also fun for them especially finding the different dolls.

"We go to garage sales and thrift shops and anywhere with like a consignment shop. Facebook Marketplace, I've gotten some good ones. Mostly used," Vinton said. "Whatever we can find that's already been loved. I like it when they're covered marker or you know, got a couple dents in them. You can really tell the kids had a good time with them."

The Baby Head Planter process from start to finish is super messy.

"First, we, we start with the baby doll, you know, you have to take its heads and hands and feet off, which is fine, because the babies are fine with it. And then we will make a mold out of silicone or latex or you know, whatever solution we have. And then we do go get instant patching cement," Vinton said. "And we fill those molds. Takes about 12 hours to dry."

None of the baby heads are the same, so each one is special. And no body parts are off limits. They also use hands and feet as well to make planters.

"I thought it'd be super cute to like have little plants in feet, you know, because the toes are adorable. And the hands are just as cool because we make the hands that they can be like reaching out of little pots," Vinton said.

Super creepy but also cute. And if you're not a plant person, there's other uses for them.

"I have them all over. I have one on my desk filled with paperclips, and I have them in the bathroom with Q-tips in them, and you know, we have all kinds of things in these baby heads," Vinton said.

They offer four sizes. A small is $5, a medium is $15, a large is $20 and an extra large is $25.

Vinton hopes those in the community will continue to embrace her Baby Head Planters.

They will be at Hearse Fest in Fowlerville in two weeks and the 517 Living Community Night in October.

For more information on Baby Head Planters, head to their Facebook.

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Lansing couple creates unique side hustle with Baby Head Planters

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