Hisense Broadband unveils 800G QSFP-DD BiDi SR4.2 multimode transceiver | Lightwave

Just ahead of OFC 2023, Hisense Broadband Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd. has launched what it asserts is the first multimode 800-Gbps bidirectional (BiDi) QSFP-DD SR4.2 optical transceiver. The optical module conforms to 100-Gbps Ethernet multimode fiber specifications to support 100 m of multimode fiber reach with a dual-wavelength BiDi transmission.

The new 800G BiDi module also will support 4x200G and 2x400G breakouts. The optical transceiver conforms to both QSFP-DD MSA and Terabit BiDi MSA specifications and will operate at 0~70°C with a power consumption of less than 15 W, according to the company. Epon Onu/Olt

HiSense Broadband believes the 800G QSFP-DD SR4.2 optical transceiver will enable data center operators to lay a seamless upgrade path across multiple platforms while supporting cost-effective, high-speed connections between next-generation data center servers and switches without changing the existing multimode fiber infrastructure. The company will offer a live demonstration of the 800G QSFP-DD BiDi SR4.2 using Broadcom chip sets (DSP BCM87800, VCSEL AFCD-V84LP [850 nm], AFCD-V84LQ [908 nm], and PIN BPD3058-4) and a high data rate optimized multimode fiber engineered by Corning Inc. for BiDi applications at OFC 2023 in San Diego March 7-9 in Booth 6116. HiSense Broadband notes that the Corning fiber offers a higher specified EMB value than standard OM3 and OM4 fibers and thus can support transmission distances of up to 100 m.

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